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DFSL SharePoint Site (Calendar/Time Away Requests)

Contact Info:

Staff and House Director contact information is available in Google Docs which should already have been shared with you.

Resident Director Info:

15-16 Master RD DETAILED Job Description
Time Away from Duties Policy
Duty procedure and flow chart
Conditions of Occupancy in RD suites
2016 – 2017 Committee Assignments

General Info:

DFSL Emergency Procedures Manual
Chapter List
Map of Chapter Houses
House Plans
Chapter House Guidebook

Move-In Forms:

Chapter House Guide/Card Signature Sheet
Meningitis – signature form
Missing Person Contact Sheet
Stars Access

Facility Maintenance Forms:

Weekly House Inspection
Monthly House Inspection
Housekeeping Requirements
Kitchen Safety Requirements
Holiday House Decoration Guidelines
Damage/Repair Pricing Estimates

Facility Project Forms:

Project Request Form
Painting Guidelines

Fire Watch Forms:

Implementation Check list
Inspector Procedures
Fire Watch Hourly Log
Fire Watch POSTER

Hazing Policy
Child Abuse Policy
Sexual Assault Policy

Greek Council Policies:

IFC/PHA Social
IFC Judicial
NPHC Judicial
PHA Judicial
UGC Judicial

DRL “Know” Brochure
Best Practices for Handling Sensitive Information